Video Prototyping

Week four I used a my service dog, camera, and Adobe Premiere Pro to make a video promotion for FitBark, a fitness tracker for dogs. Assignment constraints included creating a 60 second video based on a scenario-based use case to communicate the motivations behind use, daily usage, and functionality of a produce/service. The product or service had to be be themed along the line of health or fitness and the video had to explain to a potential user why they should use it.  

What specifically makes my video promotion unique from the similar promotional video posted on FitBark’s official website is its focus on a single dog owner pair, the official video focuses much more on the global connections and interactions you can have via the app. For the sake of my video promotion I chose to focus on a single dog owner pair to show features that are not exhibited in the official video promotion. By doing this I am providing more information to potentially unfamiliar users.

My video promotion opens on a yellow lab getting loved by two hands on a bed then leads into an example of the following three FitBark features a calorie tracker, sleep tracker, and exercise tracker and ending with a shot of the product on the dog’s collar. The overall concept of the video is that we are following a single dog through its day. You not only see the dog doing activities that directly relate to the key features of FitBark, you see the dog relaxing and getting love. This establishes a connect with the dog and allows the viewer to “put themselves in the shoes” of this dog’s owner.

After finishing a final cut of the video promotion for FitBark I held a small viewing party to get informal feedback from my peers. I started by showing my peers the video promotion, I then showed them the storyboards I created leading up to the video and the FitBark product itself. During the viewing party people commented on the effectiveness of video in helping them understand a multitude of different feature of a FitBark. They were able to envision themselves as this dog's owner, using this product.  Viewers also commented on the lack of cohesion in the transitions between the beginning sections of the video, It can be confusing to go from a dog being loved to the three features. If i were to make another iteration of my video promotion for FitBark I would rework the storyline to give the video a more cohesive journey that connects the FitBark to a more flushed out story.

Version 1: Without voiceover audio - https://youtu.be/RcyK4bnZVgE

Version 2: Final Cut - https://youtu.be/RKQqnUTaA_c