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Challenge your friend to a wizard’s duel

The purpose of our project is to engage users with a simple but unique game of tag inspired by wizard duels in the world of Harry Potter.

The design is made up of three components: wands, a pair of wearables, and the control center. The game is for two players and each player has a 3D-printed wand to cast spells and a pair of wearables (badge and vest) to detect if the player has been hit with a spell. The control center will act as a scoreboard. To “cast a spell”, players will say the spell name, press a button on the wand and move it in a certain way. These conditions will be detected by an audio detector, a button, and an accelerometer, respectively. An LED on the tip of the wand indicates a successful spell cast, and an IR beam will be projected from the tip. Players can put up a shield by pressing a button on the badge. If the player successfully casts a spell that hits an unguarded badge with the IR receiver, the badge will give visual and haptic feedback using an LED and a vibrating motor and the control center will register a point.

This channel is coming soon!

System Diagram