Wand Schematicss.jpg

Breadboard Layout

The wands are 3D printed and modeled after wands used in the Harry Potter movies. At the tip of the wand, there is an infrared LED. On the shaft of the wand, near the handle, there is a button that must be pressed in order to cast spells. The base of the wand also includes an accelerometer to track the wand’s movement. The pieces in the wand connect to an arduino and breadboard, which also contains two LEDs that light up according to the spell that is cast, and an xBee to send spell information to the command center.
In order to cast a spell, users press the button on the wand’s handle and wave the wand in a specific motion (such as straight up or rotated to the right). If the button is not pressed or if no identifiable wand motion is completed, the wand will not register a successful spell casting. If the spell is successfully cast, the LEDs on the breadboard will light up in a color corresponding to the spell cast, and the infrared LED will light up. Using the xBee, the wand will send the information to the control center, which will compute the scoring of the spell cast against the other player.