Scoreboard Team

Our Process

A challenge that comes up in any group project is when people end up duplicating work.  This happened during our project where our group developed one of the functions for our game, but realized our work was made obsolete because another team within the group had already implemented the function.  This problem can be fixed in future group projects through more communication.

Another challenge was developing the rules for this laser tag type game without knowing how much we could successfully build the code and hardware from.  It wasn’t until taking out all trace of Servo motor code that the point system in the console was able to work. Additionally, the XBees weren’t communicating with each other correctly until the morning we needed to present.  Given more time, we could work on fully developing out rules of the game, but we worked hard to make sure the system worked before we would put very much attention in to game mechanics.

Getting all three parts of the project to work well together for our presentation day was delightful.  All three teams worked hard on their own project, and even though it was a struggle to get each part to work together, it felt great for it all to come together in the end.


Celina Hipolito


Celina coded the software and the physical build for the command center scoreboard.

Emily Uthoff


Emily was in charge of creating housing for the console unit and the documentation/reflection for our project.